i played dark souls once

Oh god, that face.

Pffff I remember this scene




i played dark souls once

Oh god, that face.

Pffff I remember this scene

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Like Livewire, Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya before her, the Young Justice version of Artemis Crock made the transfer from a TV show to the actual DCU.

Although there was an Artemis Crock in DC comics prior to the DC Reboot, she was a (white) straight-up supervillain rather than the popular biracial superhero from the TV show…

…Unfortunately, what with her appearance being in Teen Titans, a comicbook with a ridiculously high turnover when it comes to killing off teenage characters (particularly in event comics), Artemis had the misfortune of turning up in the midst of the awful crossover event the Culling… where she promptly was killed off in the same issue she debuted.

Making you wonder why the heck they bothered to introduce the character in the first place if they were only going to kill her of… Oh wait, I remember why it was. It was to further inspire Tim Drake to defeat the bad guys, by having a girl he knew for like three pages get killed in front of him.


Also, that caption was retconned within months if this issue (stuff was editted out of the trade paperbacks so that it’d match), as they decided that Tim Drake was never Robin, and went straight to being Red Robin instead… because after the reboot, they realised that Bruce Wayne going through FOUR Robins in the space of only five years was kind of stupid, so Tim decided to name himself after a restaurant chain instead.

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Warner Bros and DC- ….. look at what you’re dealing with here. People in ridiculous outfits with outlandish pixie dust powers that can’t possibly exist in real life. …..and you’re trying to make it DARK AND SERIOUS!?!? Where is all this coming from!? From Batman: The Animated Series!? The dark elements in that show worked because Batman has no magical powers, grew his fortune from his tech skills, and saught to get rid of inhumanity from a legit motivation!!! Stop trying to make silly superheroes DARK AND SERIOUS!!!

And even so, Batman: TAS didn’t shy away from lighter moments or the occasional joke (usually through snarky commentary).  But yeah, this has been a big problem for me as well.  Just because “BATMAN” works in a grittier, more realistic format, doesn’t mean that translates to other heroes.  This was one of the problems with Man of Steel… you’re trying to make Superman dark and gritty… Superman isn’t dark and gritty!  Superman is basically the archetype of what people think classic superheroes are. 

This is why that teamup/clash between Batman and Superman worked soo well in the past, because they were opposites.  Batman working in the shadows, while Superman was openly flying around during the day.  Batman is paranoid and feels he should work alone, Superman is optimistic and was an encouraging team-player.

Whereas the new movie Superman and Batman?  Coming on the heels of the Man of Steel movie, how are they different?

There was a previous article I read (which I sadly can’t remember where it was) that more or less felt that WB’s DC movies feel like the company is ashamed they’re making comic book movies.  As in the audience coming in are all pessimistic with no suspension of disbelief.  That nobody is going to believe in these characters unless everything is dark, gritty and realistic as if going “We’re sorry, we’re so sorry… we know someone flying is unrealistic and silly… just stick by with us, we’ll have gratuitous violence to make up for it”.

While over in Marvel, they fully embrace the more silly/unrealistic aspects of the comics with their adaptions.  Having faith in the audience and wanting their films to be enjoyable adventures.  I mean, we just had a Guardians of the galaxy movie come out this year.  5 years ago, did anyone expect Marvel to make a film that included a gun-totting raccoon and a walking tree that can only say “I am Groot” to ever get made/be a box office success?  And yet, lo and behold…

Marvel just seems optimistic about it’s future, while WB/DC seem “shit-your-pants” terrified about their movies failing, making infuriatingly stupid decisions with their film productions and characters.

Why do you think they can no longer use the characters’ names in their own movies!?  Because they believe audiences won’t go to see it if they did! BECAUSE THEY’RE ASHAMED OF MAKING SUPERHERO MOVIES!!! Well guess what!?!?  ……..YOU’RE MAKING EFFIN SUPERHERO MOVIES!!!

Dear Warner Bros.

Just stop

You were okay in the 80s/90s, but now you’re just



Give up

You’re acting like a teenager trying to be an adult

Nobody likes that

Try acting more like college students

Like real adults

Make jokes

Make people happy

Or stop

Yeah jokes that make you feel good are what REALLY makes you an adult!  I’m not sarcastic about that. 

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Left: Original scene (aired in 2001) - Right: DVD version (2013)
Disney, why would you wait for the DVD release to change a scene?







why dont these words rhyme

but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do

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More new images of the 2015 Pixar film
"Inside Out"!

inb4 Tumblr SJWs declare this the most racist movie since Pride of a Nation

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